AUGUST 20-21, 2016


Tournament FAQ

What is the format for acceptance?

This is not a first-come, first-serve based tournament. Our format favors teams in multiples of 8. Each team that applies before the specified deadline is placed among all other applicants in their respective age group. Team records, division of play, and level of competition are all factors in determining acceptance. Date of application plays a part in the selection process if all other areas are equal.

Where will we be playing?

Playing locations will not be specified until after acceptance has been determined. We are not sure of the exact numbers at each age group and cannot, therefore, determine locations until acceptance has been determined. Teams will be notified of their acceptance or rejection and field location within 10 days after the deadline date.

How are pools determined?

Initial seeding in the pools is done by team records that are submitted with the application. Within each pool there will be a variety of different levels of teams.

Once the mini-games are completed, how are the divisions determined?

After the mini-games have been completed, the teams will be placed in divisions based on their performance. Each team will be assessed a point total: 3 points for a win, 2 points for a tie with a score, 1 point for a scoreless tie, and 0 points for a loss. Once all games are completed, total points are tabulated for each team. Teams will be "ranked" according to their total number of points. The top ranked team through the 8th ranked team will be placed in Division 1, if numbers allow, 9th through 16th will be placed in Division 2, 17th through 24 will be placed in Division 3, etc. Once you are placed in a Division, your 50-minute championship round games will be played for placement within your division.

If ages are split into A and B groupings, how is that determined?

If there are more than 24 teams in a certain age group we reserve the right to split them into divisions based on individual team preferences as indicated during the application process in order to balance out the divisions.

Who Provides Game Balls?

The tournament will provide game balls. In the event that our game balls and back up game balls are lost and/or destroyed then we will allow teams to use an aggreed upon ball provided by one of the teams.

If a player has a cast can they still Play?

A player with a cast may still participate in the tournament if it is properly secured and padded. HOWEVER, the final determination of this is up to the main/center referee on the field.

What about Smoking, Alchoholic Beverages, Pets and Grills?

CGI Strickly Enforces a No Smoking, No Alcoholic Beverages, No Pets, No Grills, and No Verbal Abuse of Anyone policy. Please leave your dogs at home or at a local boarding service. Thanks.

How many games will we play?

Your team will play 3-25 minute games and 3-50 minute games (provided a team does not forfeit during the tournament and weather and/or field conditions allow)

Why aren't Saturday afternoon and Sunday's schedules posted?

Your team's Saturday afternoon and Sunday game times will be determined after all your mini-games are played on Saturday morning. The schedule (as far as game times and field numbers) is generic and already established, however, until these mini-games are completed Saturday, you will not know what time your team will play on Saturday afternoon. Sunday games are dependent upon the results of your Saturday afternoon games. Once your team is placed in a Division (which will happen after the mini-games are completed) the schedules will be posted at the Site Administration tent at each site.

What do I need for my team at Registration?

Teams are required to have the following information:

  • Certified Roster (current year)
  • Certified Player Passes (current year)
  • Medical Release Forms (1 for each player)
  • Permission to Travel Form, certified by your State Association
    (Required of teams outside Region 1)

Can I register my team on Saturday morning?

No, ALL TEAMS must register on Friday evening at the Mandatory Registration.

Are Registration and the Coaches Meeting mandatory?

Only Coaches, assistants, team managers or a team parent are required to register their team on Friday evening. We ask that all teams have a coach or team manager/parent present to represent their team at the Coach's Meeting to learn of any last-minute changes or instructions, however this meeting is NOT mandatory.

Do Medical Release Forms need to be notarized for this tournament?

Medical Release Forms do not need to be notarized, but they must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian.

Can we use our Club's Medical Release Forms?

Yes, you may.

How many guest players do you allow per team?

U12 and younger are allowed up to 3 guest players to bring their roster up to the 14 maximum. U13 and above are allowed up to 4 guest players to bring their roster up to the 18 maximum.

What do I need for guest players participating in this tournament?

Guest players are required to have the same items as regularly registered players; a valid player pass and medical release form from their primary team are required at registration.

How do I put a guest player on my roster? Do I need to fill out separate paperwork for a guest player?

No separate paperwork is needed for guest players. At registration, present Player Passes and Medical Release Forms for the guest player(s). This information will be added to your roster the evening of registration.

Do you accept Secondary Player Passes?

Yes, Secondary Player Passes are accepted. Secondary players are not considered guest players.

Can a player play for his primary team and also play as a guest player on another team in your tournament?

No. A player may only play for one team during the tournament.

What is a Permission to Travel Form, and do I need one?

A Permission to Travel Form is a form approving your participation in an out-of-state tournament by your State Association. This form, once approved by your State Association, is verification of insurance coverage for your team and its players during the tournament. Permission to Travel forms are only required of teams from OUTSIDE Region 1. In order to obtain this form, you will need a copy of our tournament's Permission to Host Form, which can be found here.

Are trophies/awards given to all teams?

All divisions of 5 teams or more will receive individual player trophies for 1st and 2nd place teams. If a division has 4 teams, only a first place trophy may be awarded.

Can T-shirts be purchased at registration for a reduced cost, or only by pre-ordering?

Reduced cost T-shirts may only be purchased by the deadline of the Pre-Order sale. After the deadline has passed, T-shirts will be sold at tournament prices.

Saturday Morning Play

All teams will play (3) 25-minute mini games on Saturday morning and (1) 50-minute game on Saturday afternoon. All teams will return on Sunday to play (2) 50-minute games. All teams are scheduled 6 games in total (weather/field conditions permitting). No games will be played on Friday.

Teams will play three (3) mini-games (providing no teams forfeit) in the qualification round of play. At the end of each game the winning and losing teams will be awarded game points based on the following criteria:

a. Regulation win = 3 game points

b. Tie Match with Score (i.e 1-1) = 2 game points

c. Scoreless Tie Match ( i.e. 0-0 ) = 1 game point

d. Regulation loss = 0 game points

At the conclusion of all qualification matches in an age group the game points will be totaled. The team with the highest game points will be seeded in the highest position. The team with the next highest game points will be seeded in the next position. This will continue until all teams have been seeded. Should two teams have the same number of game points, tie breakers as specified in #11 of the tournament rules will take effect.

Example of Saturday Morning Play

Game times are listed at the top of each box, they will differ for each age group depending on the number of teams & fields. This should be used only as an example.

In this example Team 1 has a game at 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. There are two hours between games.

Saturday Afternoon Tournament Play

At the conclusion of all qualification matches in an age group the game points will be totaled. The team with the highest game points will be seeded in the highest position. The team with the next highest game points will be seeded in the next position. This will continue until all teams have been seeded. Should two teams have the same number of game points, tie breakers as specified in #11 of the tournament rules will take effect.

The tie breakers used in determining the seedings into bracketed play will be as follows:

a. Bonus points will be added or subtracted based on a +(-) goal differential. The differential will be the difference between the goals scored and goals allowed by each team in regulation play with the maximum differential points allowed for a single match being +(-)4. The +(-) difference will be summed. The team with the highest number of differential points will be seeded in the higher position.

b. If two or more teams have the same number of differential points, the team that has allowed the fewest goals in the qualification round of play will be seeded in the higher position.

c. If after (b) above two or more teams have the same number of goals allowed, then the team that has scored the highest number of goals in the qualification round shall be seeded the higher position.

d. If after (c) above, two or more teams have the same number of goals scored, the winner shall be determined by: HEAD TO HEAD PLAY IN THE PRELIMINARY ROUND, with the winning team in the preliminary round obtaining the higher seed, OR if the said teams did not meet in the Preliminary Round, a coin toss shall determine the seeding position.

Example of Seeding after Pool Play

Division A is the top 8 teams, Division B is the next 8 and so on. In this example Team 1 would be the #1 top seed of division A. Team 9 would be the #1 top seed of Division B when they are bracketed.

Saturday Afternoon & Sunday Play (50-minute games)

Saturday afternoon begins your bracketed champtionship round tournament play. This is in the traditional style where winners move to one side of the bracket, losing teams move along the other side. All teams are guaranteed three (3) full length games (providing no teams forfeit).

Example of 8 Team Bracket Play - If your team seeds into a bracket with 9 or more teams the below example is incorrect in your case.

Disclaimer: These game times are not exact for every division. They differ from playing location to playing location based on how many teams are in your division and how many fields are available at a site to handle those teams. This should be used only as an example. Generally speaking we try to give the teams who win in the 50 minute games earlier game times on Sunday with championship games at 12:30 but this isn't always the case. In the below example assume the higher seeded team won each match up with a 2-0 score. Scores are blue digits inside of circles.

Winners move to the right, losing teams to the left during the first 50 minute game on Saturday afternoon. Seed #1 plays seed #8, #2 plays #7, #3 plays #6, #4 plays #5.

Non 8 Team Divisions

We try to create as many 8 teams divisions as we can but there are cases where age groups have an odd number of teams. In these cases a custom bracket is used based on the number of teams. In some of these instances a re-seeding is done after your first two 50 minute games to decide who plays for the trophy.